26 Aug

Attack on Newcastle taxi driver probed by police as drivers tell of increase in violence

Attack on Newcastle taxi driver probed by police as drivers tell of increase in violence

25 Aug

Uber and Hailo do battle for Irish cab fares

Uber and Hailo do battle for Irish cab fares – Independent.ie

21 Aug



17 Aug

100% electric private hire firm signs up to renewable energy

100% electric taxi firm signs up to renewable energy

17 Aug

Taxpayer faces €400m bill over taxi driver case – Independent.ie

Transport Minister Paschal DonohoeThe State will be faced with a bill of at least €400m if the High Court rules taxi drivers can be compensated for deregulation.

The potential liability was revealed in a briefing document prepared for new Transport Minister Paschal Donohoe.

More than 1,100 taxi drivers have lodged claims that the value of their taxi plates were wiped out overnight when the sector was deregulated in 2000.

A High Court ruling is currently awaited on three test cases.

In a note marked “confidential”, officials warned Mr Donohoe, who became minister last month, that “if established legal principal was to be overturned, the State could be faced with claims in excess of €400m”.

The State has not previously revealed how much the cases could cost the taxpayer if the taxi drivers are successful.

The drivers who brought the test cases bought licences valued at IR£80,000 (€101,600) before deregulation.

17 Aug

Easy Taxi drivers and passengers can now share their routes via Waze



 As the battle between taxi-booking apps heats up,Easy Taxi has joined hands with Google-owned Waze to increase its focus on road safety. Waze is known for providing real-time information on traffic updates and road conditions, and the partnership will let Easy Taxi drivers tap on its map, alerting them to accidents and road mishaps for better planning of routes.

The caveat is that drivers need to have the Waze app installed on their smartphones. Once an Easy Taxi driver uses Waze to navigate a route, he can send it to the passenger with the introduction of a special functionality. The passenger can then share the ride with family and friends, who will be updated in real-time about estimated arrival times. This also means, however, that the passenger needs to have the Waze app. If there is any delay resulting in a cause for worry, family and friends can ask for further information from Easy Taxi about the location of the cab and driver details.

15 Aug


A taxi driver who vandalised a car outside his home has been stripped of his licence just three days after it was issued.

A policeman said he was horrified to find that David John Hickie was being allowed to ferry people around Carlisle.

Hickie obtained his first hackney carriage driver’s licence from the city council on June 27, but three days later he accepted a police caution for criminal damage and possessing cannabis following an incident outside his Petteril Street home on June 30.

A police officer said he could not think of “a worse person” to entrust a taxi licence to.

….Read more

12 Aug

Taxi Income & Expenditure: App for iPhone

Taxi Income & Expenditure |

By Mashuk Miah.

As a taxi driver, you normally use a pen and diary to keep your records for Taxi jobs on a daily basis. Then you need to calculate the total. All this takes time, some days you remember and some days you forget!

This amazing iPhone “Taxi Income & Expenditure” app makes life very easy. It’s very simple to use and easy to understand. At a fingers touch you can see daily, weekly, monthly and yearly – how much you have lost and gained.

With this App you can increase your earnings and tighten your expenses and no more guessing!!!

Also you can keep record of your rest/holiday/sick days.

You can create your own categories but we have also included some default ones that you can remove if you wish. They are:


You can export weekly, monthly and yearly reports to your computer via WiFI and Export the reports to PDF or HTML.

iTunes Preview

oad apps.


*** Please backup all your expense data from previous version before updating to avoid unexpected loss of data ***

A Budgeting and Accounting App for everyone.

An easy to use every day budgeting tool for regular income & expense to keep you in fully control of your finances.

Cafe bar owner
A very simple daily takings and expense record keeping. Everyday end of business just enter amount of cash or card business done and expenses that will save time and at the end of the week a detailed EXPENSE BREAKDOWN report can be printed.

Taxi drive
Driving instructor
Private Tutor
Piece work or paid by per job, you can keep record of place of work, type of work and time of work.


To PRINT REPORT simply send to your CHOSEN EMAIL ADDRESS as CSV or HTML. The HTML format can also be opened as a spreadsheet by many applications including later versions of MS Excel.

All currency formats
Start of week can be selected to any day
Year start can be selected to individual requirement
Password protected
Many files as required can be added e.g. Personal, Business. If family has 1 device, they can have separate files.
On the Home Screen, detailed summary for daily, weekly, monthly and yearly report.


What’s New in Version 2.1

Completely redesigned.

*** Please backup all your expense data from previous version before updating to avoid unexpected loss of data ***



Customer Reviews

Complete Crap

Updated accidentally, lost all my data, new version just cashes on my iPhone. Put it on iPad and saw that it is an over-complicated bloated piece of crap that isn’t even aimed at drivers any more. Totally unusable unnecessary update. Should have designed this app as a separate entity and left the taxi drivers app alone. Found something else to use now. You failed to consider your terms of reference with regard to the function of the old app, whom it was aimed at and how the new version would be received by your taxi driving customers. You should have asked your self how you could enhance the old app without changing its function beyond all recognition.

Don’t update if you’re cab driver!

I didn’t realise it was an update for that app and after it updated it stopped working! The new interface is rubbish and complicated there was nothing wrong with the original app and if the developer wanted to create an app that was for more general expense he should have made a separate addition and retained the Taxi one which we purchased. This is the most I’ll thought out change I can think of and so many of us have lost data as a result! I hope the developer is satisfied! I won’t ever purchase from this developer and he should be reported to Apple! Thank God I also used pen and paper!


Updated app crashes when opened.

Same problem here, the new updated app crashes on opening. After deleting the app and reinstalling again it’s working fine now.


11 Aug

Senior MP condemns taxi app company

A senior MP who has led the charge against tax avoidance by multinational companies has accused the firm behind a popular cab-hailing smartphone app of unfairly undercutting London taxi drivers by “opting out of the UK …

Senior MP condemns taxi app company 

10 Aug

Bromley man banned from driving after posing as minicab driver and inviting two women into car

Transport for London

A Bromley man has been banned from driving after posing as a minicab driver and inviting two women into his car…..TfL officers soon established the journey was not pre-booked and Paheerathan was illegally touting for trade…..He pleaded guilty to plying for hire and having no operator licence and was ordered to pay £370 in fines and court costs, and was also disqualified from the road for three months. .…Read more

10 Aug

Taxi driver battered and robbed after confronting passenger over damaged door

imageA TAXI driver was battered and robbed after confronting a passenger who damaged his car.

The attack happened when the cabbie stopped at the Texaco petrol station in Albert Road, Farnworth, at the request of one of his four passengers.

There, one of the four men, who he had picked up outside The Swan in Bolton, damaged his car door as he got out, prompting the driver to get out and have a look.

When the passenger came back to the taxi, the driver asked him what had happened. …read more

Source: Taxi driver battered and robbed after confronting passenger over damaged door


09 Aug

Undercover police catch Accrington taxi driver plying for hire

joan smith

A PRIVATE hire taxi driver from Accrington was caught plying for hire after picking up two undercover police officers without a pre-booking…………Deputy council leader and cabinet member for licensing, Coun Joan Smith, said: “Our primary concern is for the welfare of the travelling public. Private hire vehicles cannot ply for hire in the street or at taxi ranks. …read more

Source: Undercover police catch Accrington taxi driver plying for hire


08 Aug

News Flash : Richmond Rank update. council meeting decision.

After a two hour meeting with local Councillors, lead engineers and police and local MP Zac Goldsmith, Richmond Licensed Taxi rank is moving away from the Richmond Station !!

The rank is being moved forward by about 80 feet and all people will see when they come out of the station is the arse end of the last cab on the new rank …read more

08 Aug

Taxi driver jailed for sexual abuse of disabled passengers

A Perth taxi driver who sexually abused five wheelchair-bound passengers and raped one of them has been sentenced to 10 years in jail.

Peter Edward Kasatchkow, 58, pleaded guilty to 33 charges, after police reviewed footage taken by the security camera in his special-purpose maxi taxi.

The offences, which included rape and indecently dealing with an incapable person, took place in January and February this year.

Kasatchkow was charged in February after one of his victims managed to alert her carers that she had been raped in her wheelchair in the back of his maxi-cab.

The 29-year-old woman has cerebral palsy and has extreme difficulty speaking.…read more

07 Aug

Don’t bet on the death of taxis just yet

Remember when everyone was proclaiming the death of newspapers? Now they’re doing it to taxis.

Shares in Medallion Financial, which trades under the ticker TAXI, are down 20% for the year.
Sources:WYFF4.com | By News editor

07 Aug

Taxi Magic now ‘Curb’ as it drives back into the rideshare app market

Taxi Magic now ‘Curb’ as it drives back into the rideshare app market
Sources: - taxis | By News editor


07 Aug

TCRP Sues Uber, Lyft, Yellow Cab Alleges the companies failed to serve wheelchair-bound …

TCRP Sues Uber, Lyft, Yellow Cab Alleges the companies failed to serve wheelchair-bound …
Sources:Taxi news | By News editor

04 Aug

A Fare Warning: This NYC Cabbie Also a Storyteller

A New York City cabbie named Eugene Salomon has seen most of those stories in his 37 years of driving a taxi in the city and now he’s captured them … …read more

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