24 Jul

Hailo taxi app actively looking into accepting Bitcoin says CEO


London-based taxi app Hailo could allow customers to pay for their rides using cryptocurrency Bitcoin, according to the company’s CEO Jay Bregman.

Speaking to digital currency news site Coindesk, Bregman said Hailo could also allow Bitcoin to be sent directly to drivers. Hailo, founded in London in 2011, gives customers the ability to hail cabs through its own app.

“We have [always] sought to find ways to provide benefit to our drivers and our passengers. I believe strongly that Bitcoin is one of these ways. Absolutely, like many other things, we are actively looking into it,” said Bregman.

However, Bregman stressed that his comments were made in a personal capacity, adding that Bitcoin would not replace the current method of credit or debit user-authorisation. The new process would settle the bill by automatically withdrawing money from the customer’s account.

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24 Jul

Taxi drivers threaten 'bumper to bumper' protest over rank shortage

Angry taxi drivers are threatening a ‘bumper to bumper’ protest that could bring Windsor High Street to a halt.


That is the warning from one driver as anger grows about the shortage of taxi ranks in the town.

Nasir Jarral, who represents drivers in the GMB union across the Royal Borough, says they have had enough of not being able to find a space in the rank.

He said: “The borough has not provided one extra space to accommodate all the extra drivers they decided to give licences to. We are now being moved on if we try to stop somewhere else.”

He said drivers were considering protest action that could disrupt the High Street.

He said: “It will be happening. This sort of protest action is possibly our only route left.”

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23 Jul

Cabbies celebrate unanimous vote, lifting cap on taxi cab permits, Uber and Lyft officials not so pleased

Fox6nowThe Milwaukee Common Council voted unanimously on Tuesday, July 22nd to completely lift the cap on the number of taxi
…Anderson says it’s unreasonable to ask part-time Uber drivers to pay the same $284 for a permit that full-time taxi cab drivers will. The ride-sharing companies also object to required background checks for drivers and mandatory vehicle inspections…..

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23 Jul

Insurance industry joins taxis in fight against Uber, Lyft

“In contrast, Uber adds tens of thousands of new drivers monthly without ever meeting them. The company says it performs “rigorous” background checks on all of its drivers, but an investigation by NBC in May showed that a convicted felon had no problem signing up” … …read more

15 Jul

Taxi numbers in Cambridge could be capped in response to congestion and violence concerns

Close-up of ‘for hire’ signage (on roof and in...

hackney carriage, photograph,. The image was taken with a Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ1. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A limit could be put on the number of hackney carriage taxis in Cambridge amid fears about congestion on the city’s streets.
Action is set to be taken by the city council in response to complaints about long queues of vehicles at ranks and warnings that competition between cabbies could boil over into violence.
On Monday the licensing committee is recommended to approve the first steps towards carrying out a survey to establish whether there is no significant unmet demand for more hackney carriages – the only circumstances under which the council can consider capping the number of licences it issues.
Cllr Jeremy Benstead, who chairs the panel, said: “We think it’s worth looking into this again and we are open-minded about it.
“If we have too many taxis all going to the same place, it can cause friction.”
There are currently 308 hackney carriages vying for trade in Cambridge.
This put numbers of the vehicles – which can be flagged down in the street or hired at a rank – at an all-time high.
They are up against 180 private hire vehicles, which cannot be regulated by the council, and another 800 registered in south Cambridgeshire.
Concerns have been expressed about the impact on highway safety of ‘over-ranking’ and taxi drivers have complained they have been forced to work ever longer hours.
A study commissioned by the council last year estimated that hackney carriage drivers now spent 51 per cent of their working time waiting, rather than on a job.
David Wratten, the chairman of trade association Cambridge City Licensed Taxis, welcomed the move.
He said: “We should put a cap on numbers – we need sensible management involving the councils and the trade. Drivers are having to work longer hours to make money.”….

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11 Jul

‘Taxi drivers aren’t against change’: How Hailo is taking on Uber in the taxi app wars


We flagged down Caspar Woolley, the co-founder of international taxi app Hailo, to talk taxis, apps, and Uber.

Caspar Woolley, one of the the founders of e-hailing app Hailo, says the app solves a simple and universal problem: “Taxi drivers spend 30-50 percent of their time with no-one on their backseat — while passengers stand on a street corner playing taxi roulette, and neither knows they’re on the next street from each other.”

Hailo is a smartphone app that allows you to call a car straight to you, and pay through the app without needing cash. Founded by Woolley along with three black cab drivers, the service launched in London in late 2011, and now operates around the world.

Last month Hailo launched in Manchester, its first UK city outside London. Woolley says the app went global before spreading across the UK because the founders “saw a global problem,” so they went to what he describes as the “big taxi cities.” The service now has its light on ready to take fares in London, New York, Toronto, Chicago, Boston, Madrid, Barcelona, Washington DC, Montreal, Osaka and all across Ireland…..

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11 Jul

'Disgust' over taxi driver who punched woman in Emsworth



A TAXI passenger who watched her driver get out and punch a female moped rider in the head has spoken of her disgust.

The passenger was accompanying a young man who has learning disabilities and challenging behaviour.

As reported, Hampshire police put out an appeal for witnesses after a woman was hospitalised with neck injuries after the assault close to North Street roundabout in Emsworth.

The passenger in the Aqua Cars vehicle, who does not want to be named, said: ‘I was absolutely appalled by what happened. As soon as I got home I called Aqua and told them but I know the driver is still on the road because he has been seen…..

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10 Jul

This Guy's High-Speed Uber Ride in DC Got Really Insane

According to Simonetti’s account, his driver had been approached by a D.C. taxi inspector, who proceeded to follow the Uber vehicle after they got in.

An Uber customer in D.C. on Tuesday claims to have gotten a firsthand look at what can go wrong when an Uber driver really does not want to talk to a taxi inspector. In fact, he tweeted that he was “kidnapped” in an ordeal that involved him and his two colleagues being taken on a high-speed chase that went from near the Verizon Center out into Virginia.

An Uber customer in D.C. on Tuesday claims to have gotten a firsthand look at what can go wrong when an Uber driver really does not want to talk to a taxi inspector. In fact, he tweeted that he was “kidnapped” in an ordeal that involved him and his two colleagues being taken on a high-speed chase that went from near the Verizon Center out into Virginia.

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09 Jul

Lyft is making its way to New York City

Only a day after Uber slashed its prices in the city, in order to make itself cheaper than an NYC taxi, Lyft is making its own big announcement: this coming Friday, at 7pm local time, the service is launching in Queens and Brooklyn. ….

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08 Jul

Uber goes to war with Yellow Cabs NYC

Car hailing app Uber is temporarily cutting fares on its taxi option as it controversially steps up competition with New York City yellow cab services. …read more

07 Jul

Uber will not face legal action from TfL: “It is operating lawfully”


Transport for London (TfL) will not purse legal action against Uber, despite opposition for the app among many cabbies in the capital…..

Opponents of the app argue that it disrupts the business model of black cabs by acting like a taxi meter, which private cars are not permitted to use.

“In relation to the way Uber operates in London, TfL is satisfied that based upon our understanding of the relationship between passenger and Uber London, and between Uber London and Uber BV, registered in Holland, that it is operating lawfully under the terms of the 1988 PHV(L) Act,” TfL’s Leon Daniels said…..

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03 Jul

Summons issued against six Uber taxi drivers

London anti-Uber taxi protest June 11 2014 046

London anti-Uber taxi protest June 11 2014 046 (Photo credit: David Holt London)

The case is now on hold after the cabbies trade union, the LTDA, began separate proceedings against a number of Uber drivers in the magistrates … …read more

03 Jul

Bournemouth Taxi Association fears over new bill to cut red tape for drivers

Bournemouth taxis

CONTROVERSIAL plans to cut red tape for taxi and private hire drivers have been slammed as “a charter for thieves, rapists and paedophiles.”

The stinging criticism from the chairman of Bournemouth Taxi Association, John Tye, comes as Dorset’s PCC, Martyn Underhill, prepares to fight the changes currently going through Parliament.

He believes if they go ahead it could risk increasing the incidents of people being raped and sexually assaulted after a night out…...Read more

02 Jul

Alarming number of taxi drivers charged with serious crimes


MORE than 1300 Victorian taxi drivers have been charged with crimes in the past three years, including murder, ­attempted murder, rape and culpable driving causing death.

Almost 10 per cent of the state’s drivers have been charged with a criminal ­offence since the Coalition Government introduced checks of taxi driver criminal records in June 2011.

And 49 drivers have been charged with the most ­serious category one offences, for which a cabbie’s licence is automatically suspended.

One driver was charged with murder, and two with attempted murder and intentionally causing serious injury.

Nineteen drivers were charged with threats to kill. Disturbingly for passengers, two have been charged with culpable driving causing death.

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02 Jul

Unlicensed Aylesbury Taxi Company Has To Pay £25000

An unlicensed private hire operator in Aylesbury’s been fined more than £25,000 for operating an illegal private hire operation.

The Director of Call a Cab, Ahtiq Raja and his company – which is now known as Easy Cabs acted as a private hire operator without a licence from Aylesbury Vale District Council.

It’s after the Council appealed a previous dismissal of the case but a district judge allowed it to be heard again – becuse he ruled Mr Raja and his firm lied over evidence given previously and had cost a lot of time and money for both the courts and the council as a consequence.

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01 Jul

Can Uber taxi protests stop technology’s advance?

Can Uber taxi protests stop technology's advance?

A cacophony of horns and taxi-less ranks greeted downtown DC on Wednesday, writes Anja Popp. Roads were blocked by cab drivers, in protest of what has been labelled as “unfair competition” from app-based ride sharing service, Uber.

In scenes not dissimilar to those in Europe earlier this month, the taxi vs Uber battle is well underway. Londoners too fell victim to the frustrations of the industry when 10,000 cabbies staged an hour-long protest against the transport app, blocking central London.

The tension from this war behind the wheel has been unfolding for some time, but in unified protests across the world taxi drivers are demanding equal treatment. Regulate them like you regulate us.


01 Jul

MP opposes new taxi laws

Law Commission595

BARNSLEY East MP Michael Dugher has opposed changes to the law governing taxi and private hire vehicles due to concerns they could put passengers at risk.

The reforms included in the government‘s Deregulation Bill will enable people without a minicab licence to drive one when it is off duty, end annual checks on drivers’ licences, and allow minicab operators to subcontract bookings to firms in other areas.

Campaigners, industry bodies and unions are warning these changes will have severe safety implications, as local councils don’t have the powers to enforce the changes safely.

Mr Dugher said: “At present minicabs in Barnsley are driven by people who have undergone criminal, medical and background checks with the council but the government reforms threaten to remove these safeguards.

“I’m worried the plans will increase the number of rogue drivers on Barnsley’s roads.”

Those who voted against the bill, including Mr Dugher, were defeated by 79 votes.

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